Austrian GP: Max Verstappen sets early practice pace for Red Bull in Austria

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was speediest at the primary practice meeting at the Austrian Grand Prix. Maybe true to form, the ongoing title holder was predominant at the circuit claimed by the beverages aggregate.

There were a lot of orange-clad Verstappen fans at the Red Bull Ring, and after the Briton-accommodating end of the week at Silverstone, there was one more differentiation with the splendid sun and warm climate.

While the British Grand Prix was one of the longest circuits of the time, the lap times in Austria were at that point pushing the brief imprint, with Verstappen fastest at 1:06.302 seconds.

Max Verstappen sets early practice pace for Red Bull in Austria

Verstappen sets early practice pace for Red Bull in Austria

Verstappen was baffled on various events as he whined of being discouraged by riders in front of him, with Pierre Gasly guaranteeing something very similar. However, the genuine setback was caused by McLaren driver Lando Norris who detailed from the beginning that his vehicle was in ‘limp home’ mode, and minutes after the fact, he needed to pull over and leave his vehicle rapidly as he saw smoke.

While the track staff had the option to return his vehicle once again to the enclosure, McLaren needed to carry their meeting to an untimely close for the Briton.

With two warnings – the first for Norris and the second for some wanderer elastic on the track – there was a restricted chance to get data for the groups as they arranged for Friday early evening time’s passing meeting.

The outcomes will provide the running request for Saturday’s run race, offering focuses for the drivers’ and constructors’ titles, as well as setting track request for Sunday’s race appropriate.

Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas will begin at the rear of the network with another gas powered motor and three other new parts.

With Verstappen quickest, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc required second, George Russell of Mercedes was third and his colleague Lewis Hamilton fifth, and Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz took fourth and seventh separately.

Sky Sports F1’s live Austrian GP schedule


1.55pm: F3 Qualifying
2.50pm: F2 Qualifying
3.30pm: Austrian GP Qualifying Build-up
4pm: Austrian GP Qualifying
5.45pm: Ted’s Qualifying Notebook


9.30am: F3 Sprint
11am: Austrian GP Practice Two (session begins 11.30am)
2.30pm: Austrian GP Sprint Build-up
3.30pm: Austrian GP Sprint
4.50pm: F2 Sprint


7.30am: F3 Feature Race
9am: F2 Feature Race
12.30am: Grand Prix Sunday: Austrian GP Build-up
2pm: The Austrian Grand Prix
4pm: Chequered Flag: Austrian GP Reaction
5pm: Ted’s Notebook

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