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Hyundai Teases New N Models, Including a Mystery Sports Car

We might, in any case, be grieving the new declaration that the excellent Hyundai Veloster N hot portal is being suspended, yet that isn’t preventing the Korean automaker from continuing. Two new elite execution N models have been prodded for a July 15 uncover, with secretive clues about the future and two pictures to spark our interest.

The primary picture prods a Performance Blue model at a race track and, regardless of being obscured, appears to be an impending N execution trim of the brand’s Ioniq 5 SUV.

Past spy photographs caught of an improvement model, through MotorAuthority, seem to show the Ioniq 5 N has been in progress, and we can anticipate brought down suspension, overhauled brakes, and conceivably new wheel plans, among other expected redesigns for the stunningly square-shaped EV. An Instagram present appeared to be on affirm one of the prodded vehicles may be a N variant of the as of late uncovered Ioniq 6.

Hyundai Teases New N Models, Including a Mystery Sports Car

And afterward there’s the secret picture delivered by Hyundai that is significantly more of a secret. The picture shows a long, low vehicle all concealed, yet obviously including an enormous back spoiler that is close to as tall as the actual vehicle and a sticking front splitter. As of now we’re simply speculating, however this doesn’t seem to fit the state of a current Elantra or Sonata, and on second thought appears to be something possibly all-new for the N brand. Hyundai has played with mid-motor ideas previously, so this could be a further improvement of that innovation, in the event that it’s not another EV.

The picture is inscribed, “Imagining the fate of N with inheritance,” so this could be a “heritage” ignition fueled vehicle, or conceivably a retro dashing idea of some kind – maybe Hyundai will overhaul a model from its past with N treats, similar as how it’s electric works of art like its Pony and Grandeur as a feature of its Heritage Series. Maybe it’s an all-new race vehicle for a particular series the brand intends to enter, or it very well may be some kind of Vision idea not expected for creation.

What’s fun about Hyundai right currently is the way that the brand could convincingly introduce quite a few potential games vehicle ideas, and each would be comparably energizing as some other. We’ll figure out what they have moved toward the forthcoming booked “N Day” on July 15, when the two models will be uncovered in full.

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